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Library Policies

Policies are approved by The Calloway County Public Library Board of Trustees. More information will be posted soon. You can get more information about our specific services and checkout policies.


Checkout Policy

Before you may checkout...

Before you may check out materials from the library, you must have a library card. You may apply for a card, in person, at the library if you are at 18 years or older. For those under 18, you can apply with your parent or legal guardian present.

Library Card Application Procedure (Last updated - 6/23/14)

In order to receive a library card, patrons must fill out an application at the library. The application consists of the patron's name, home address, phone number, and signature. A driver's license or state identification card is required and a copy must be kept on file along with the application.

Children under 18 require the consent of a Responsible Party, who must be present upon application and who must provide full contact information (Full Name, Permanent Address, and Phone Number), a photocopy of their State-Issued Photo ID, and their signature accepting responsibility of the Junior Patron account.

Checking Out Materials

When you first receive your library card, you are allowed to check out TWO books ONLY. This means NO DVDs or CDs on your first checkout. Once your books are returned, you are then able to check out as many books as desired as well as video and audio material.

Books and Magazines

Books circulate for 14 days. When a book has been checked out past 14 days, it is considered overdue. Overdue books carry a fine of $.05/day. Books can be renewed once for 14 more days from the renewal date. However, books that are on hold cannot be renewed.

DVD's and Blu-rays

Only adults (18 or older) may check out movies. Patrons are limited to three movies maximum. DVD's and Blu-rays circulate for 3 days, after which there is a fine of $2.00/day for each movie that is overdue. DVD's/Blu-rays may not be renewed.

Music CD's and Audio Books

Music CD's may be checked out for 14 days and cannot be renewed. You are allowed to checkout up to six CD's. Audio books/books on CD may also be checked out for 14 days but cannot be renewed due to high demand and is limited to three.