Mission & Board

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide to our community free and equal access to information, materials, services, and programs for personal enrichment, enjoyment, and lifelong learning.

Library Operations:

The Calloway County Public Library consists of the Main Library and Mobile Outreach Library Services. The library's total collection is made up of 70,000+ books and other items.

Library History

The following is a brief history of Calloway County Public Library.

In July of 1969 land was purchased, at 710 Main Street, for the site of the new library. Peck and Associates of Paducah designed the architectural plans for the building and Quality Construction of Benton got the bid to build the building. The work began and the library was completed in 1970. Renovations of the library was started in 1975 to add office space, a 150 seat meeting room, a foyer, and a larger parking lot. The work was completed in July of 1976.

Library Board

Ricky Lamkin, President

Riley Ramsey, Secretary

Jeff Gentry, Treasurer

Larry Tucker

Audrey Neal